Fishing Charters, New Jersey

    I have been fishing the Barnegate Light area for approximately 20 years. A few years ago I made the decision to share my fishing passion with others and started a chartering business. I am a fully licensed and insured Captain with a 50 ton Masters License.

    Many people often question why my fees are so much less than others. There are a few reasons for that. First my prices do not include a mate. A mate is not required, and I assume all the responsibilities of a mate, netting fish, rigging lines and cleaning fish. However, if you would prefer the extra convenience of a second set of hands on the boat, I can provide a mate for an additional $80 fee. Second, Sophia-Grace is powered by a single state of the art 300hp Mercruiser engine which is significantly more fuel efficient than most other boats out there powered with twin diesels or twin outboard engines.

    I am not in this business solely for profit, I enjoy getting out there and sharing my passion for fishing. Im looking forward to meeting new clients and seeing old ones return as well.